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Cyber Security Solutions for Monitoring Critical Infrastructure / IOT

(Scada) systems are essential for monitoring and managing electric power generation, transmission and distribution.

in the age of the internet of things, Scada has evolved into big, complex and distributed systems that are prone to be conventional in addition to new threats.

many security methods can be applied to such systems, having in mind that both high efficiency, real time intrusion identification and low overhead are required

Why Your Devices Are Vulnerable?

1. Unpatched software

most critical infrastructure devices lack the proper mechanism for security software patching

2. Insufficient security controls

the majority of devices lack basic cyber security controls for continuous endpoint security

3. Lack of visibility

connected critical infrastructure devices are hardly visible in the native IT control systems

Traditional Security Is Not Enough

Our Solution

Monitoring - Continues in depth discovery of critical infrastructure devices and network assets

Analysis – concise risk assessment and security insights tailored to each critical infrastructure device

Prevention – automatic smart isolation reducing the attack surface hence dramatically decreasing the chance of the attack

Alerts – artificial intelligence based attack detection on top of prevention resulting in concise alerting containment and response when concrete threat appears

Phase 1

  • Encrypt network connection with unique products

  • Isolate network segment with custom configuration

  • Use our exclusive network monitor behave product for learning flow anomalies

Phase 2

Monitoring all with our SIEM-SOC Solution:

  • Flow control

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Anomaly recognition

The lecture was given at the ALD Cyber ​​and Innovation Conference 02-2020

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