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Cybersecurity Governance

Technology is not optional it’s a core business enabler that must be protected.

The C-suite and board are learning from high-profile cybersecurity attacks that cybersecurity is no longer just an IT concern but a business risk of the highest order.

Everything is connected now and, as technology evolves, it is time to rethink; the Internet of Things requires cybersecurity strategies that take a broader view of risk.

An organization-wide approach to cybersecurity is needed.

From world-leading energy firms to major government departments, we have helped organizations significantly improve their cyber security and reduce risk – and ultimately improve business performance.

Our Delivery Model

· Step 1: Gather Business Requirements and Identify the Cyber Threats landscape

· Step 2: Develop the Cyber Security Framework

· Step 3: Implement the Cyber Security Framework

· Step 4: Maintain and Improve the Cyber Security Framework

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