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In the SIEM SOC Service, See – Secure provides the following:

  • Targeted security alerts – real time alerts

  • Weekly reports - on events occurred during the week, malware, AV, user activity (defined by the customer)

  • Monthly meeting or video conference - with an information security specialist

  • Monitoring SIEM dashboard screens - according to customer needs.

  • Response to events:

    • Proactive system
      See Secure Intelligent system proactively reacts to information security incidents  with pre-defined rules.

    • Cyber Investigation
      Identifying and gathering incident evidence, documenting, preserving, testing evidence, reporting findings.

    • Throughout the "Incident investigation”, our offensive Team will discover high level of security in every method taken. vulnerabilities such as inadequately configured communication equipment, non-secure protocol usage, misconfiguration of internal components and non-secure development.

    • Vulnerability Assessments – optional


SIEM SOC Architecture


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